My Story

While my husband was on deployment in Afganistan with the Marine Corps.  I was home with 10 dogs in our small two bedroom home.  I was seriously sleep deprived and anxious with stress.  One day, I went to a friend's house with all 10 of my dogs and we all slept for the first time in months.  At the head of the sofa where I slept was a Scentsy warmer.  And that was when I realized that scents trigger emotions.  The smell of the Scentsy warmer made me feel "home" and safe for the first time since my husband left.I knew I had to get one for myself!  I thought about having a party to earn some of the products for free but then I did the research and realized, I should just be a consultant.  So just a few days later, I signed up to be a consultant, never being to a party or having my own.  All I knew was that I loved the product, the price points were unbeatable, and it made me feel warm and fuzzy even when I was super stressed out!!  I was sold.And that is how it began, within a few months I had over 20 consultants on my team and I made director in 4 months!!  I have an awesome team now all over the US and CANADA and it's so exciting to see us grow and succeed We are almost 200 strong!! 8 months after I started, I qualified for my first incentive trip, to Hawaii with the top 340 consultants of our company!  Then my 14th month, I was among the top 100 consutlant sout of 101K and earned a trip for my trip and I to Boston!!  I am so proud of my accomplishments with Scentsy!!  If I can do you, you can too! I am here to help YOU succeed!Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the products, wanting to host a party, or better yet, joining my Scentsy Team!! Go Team Sweet Success!!!<!--endbody-->